Sardine run in Moalboal, cebu, philippines

Moalboal is a small town on the South-West side of Cebu island, Philippines. It's mostly used as an entry point to Panagsama Beach, where most of the dive schools are.

Not far out from the beach shore in Panagsama Beach, there is a drop-off. Near that area there are countless reefs, with soft and hard corals, many different species of fish.

The popular "sardine run" area can be reached from the shore. Once in the water, wade or swim out towards the drop-off. Between shore and the drop-off, turtles can be seen eating sea weed.

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Video taken by Gary, KGH

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Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Visayas, Philippines

Apo Island is a volcanic island covering 74 hectares in land area, 7 kilometers off the southeastern tip of Negros Island. The marine habitat around the island is a marine reserve. It has become a popular dive site and snorkeling destination with tourists.

Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Visayas, Philippines. Diving tour.  ( Picture taken by Gary )

At present, the island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals. Most of the Philippines' 450 species of coral can be found here, from tiny bubble corals to huge gorgonian sea fans and brain corals.

Apo Island diving tour. Gary with Sea Turtle. ( Picture taken by dive master )

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Siquijor, Central Visayas, Philippines

Siquijor,  Central Visayas, Philippines ( Photo taken by Gary )
Siquijor is known for its scenic beauty and archaic churches, also blessed with natural and historical attractions. It lures nature lovers and adventurers to explore its numerous caves, springs and rivers, and to climb up Mount Bandilaan, the highest peak at the center of the island.

Being a coral island, it also invites diving enthusiasts to explore the reefs surrounding the island, teeming with marine life which have been remarkably left untouched.

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