Kamloops Guesthouse ( Hostel )

Welcome to Kamloops Guesthouse (Hostel). We are conveniently located on the Scenic Route Between Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains. Kamloops Country offers some of the most fantastic scenery in BC with a number of beautiful lakes you can spend days exploring.

Kamloops Guesthouse (Hostel) is a quiet and budget accommodation (homestay-style hostel). Only 2 km off the Yellow Head Highway #5 and 10 minute driving from Kamloops Airport.

Stay at Kamloops Guesthouse (Hostel) that offers you privacy as well as complimentary services.

Complimentary services
  • Free WIFI.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Freshly cleaned sheets and bath towels.
  • 4 Private or shared bathrooms.
  • Free shampoo and bodywash.
  • Door-front parking.
  • Free shuttle services have been canceled. Due to lack of qualified driver.
  • Laundry machine services as listed on the booking engine have been canceled. Sorry, we are not allowed to modified the list. A laundromat is only three blocks away, beside the North Shore Bus Exchange.

Kamloops Guesthouse front door

Making Kamloops Guesthouse (Hostel) your home away from home. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.